Medication Compounding for Patients and Prescribers

Legacy Compounding is the ideal choice for your compounded medications. With our unmatched personalized services, we cater to both patients and prescribers alike.

We specialize in the fields of BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy), weight loss, erectile dysfunction and veterinary medicine. Come to us for a variety of medical needs. We can prepare sterile and non-sterile compounds as ordered by your prescriber.

Learn More About Compounding and Its Benefits

Compounding combines the art and science of customizing medications to each patient. Before drugs began to be mass-produced, compounding was a standard means of providing prescription medications, and it’s still fundamental to the profession of pharmacy.

Why Legacy Compounding Is the Ideal Choice for You

At our compounding pharmacy, we take the medicine and make it fit each patient. We are fully computerized and use software specifically designed for compounding. All the raw materials we use have been tested for purity.

Our preparations are selected for testing by an independent laboratory to ensure that our compounds meet and exceed federal standards established by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

We have a dedicated compounding team that continually undergoes training to make sure we are aware of the latest breakthroughs.